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Skelmersdale Electrical Distributors – Electrical Wholesalers for the North West

It’s Light Out!

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led2Love it or hate it, you may have noticed we get a lot of rain here in the UK. Wet weather affects our daily work or leisure, prompting us to seek cover and a dryer environment. We may stay indoors more, take the bus, train or a cab to work instead of walking, and we might even cancel shopping trips. Of course there are those who actually like a spot of rain, maybe even singing in it occasionally!

Many people like to enjoy their garden all year round regardless of the weather, sometimes sitting under a porch or other sheltered area. When there is wet or humid weather however, we need to consider the type of outdoor lighting used in our gardens, porches and outdoor areas. The International Protection rating dictates which kind of lighting is appropriate to be used outdoors. Outdoor wall lights need to be waterproofed and IP44, IP65 and IP67 rated products will allow outdoor lighting that is safe and efficient. Fittings which are rated IP44 can be placed near the property entrance, at the side of the house, at the rear or in the garden area if there is some coverage and protection from an extension for instance.

Your garden lights should all be rainproof, whether used to light up entrances and exits or as lights to illuminate a piece of outdoor sculpture. Garden lights come in a wide variety of styles and designs and are available with a number of fittings. LED lights can look extremely effective when used to illuminate steps and decking or outdoor buildings like pagodas, summer houses and other garden buildings. If they are exposed and not placed under some sort of cover, a higher IP rating is required, but where it is unlikely that lights will come into contact with water, then an IP44 or even IP23 rated product may be fitted. You can choose from a versatile range of lighting options with pendant and suspension LED ceiling lights. With LED lighting you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving them switched on until late at night either, as they do not use too much electricity.

Always use a qualified electrician when fitting lights especially outdoors, to ensure that you stay safe. Take a look at the range of lighting options offered by Skelmersdale Electrical Distributors Ltd, and if you require any advice please give us a call on 01695 720006

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