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Skelmersdale Electrical Distributors – Electrical Wholesalers for the North West

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cableAs electrical wholesalers for the North West, Skelmersdale Electrical Distributors Ltd hear some horror stories sometimes related to cabling or components which are dangerous and need replacing. Where this is the situation however it isn’t always glaringly obvious, as in the case of the food premises worker in 2015 who was electrocuted buy a live cable while doing his job. Because the owner of the business had assumed that the cable was safe and did nothing, he was deemed responsible, and prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive. The live cable looked innocent enough after the rest of its system was removed years before, but nobody realised that there were 240v running through it. If the company had made sure the cable was dealt with properly and had it isolated and removed, the tragedy could have been avoided.

This scenario is not as rare as you would think, and we hear from electricians, that they regularly identify this type of redundant yet live cable in many of the homes they visit. Homeowners simply get used to seeing the cable, and are unaware that it could be unsafe, until some unsuspecting person touches it. Sometimes it may not be clear where there is live cable of this sort, so accidents are highly likely. Live exposed electrical cable should never be left in this way where it may create a hazard, and it is never acceptable for any electrician to do this. Calling in a reputable electrician to carry out an in depth inspection and testing of the electrics in your home is the best way to go about protecting yourself and your family. The report you receive will include recommendations and any live wires that come to light should be removed immediately. Where the property is old, there is no telling what work previous owners have had done and whether or not best practice was used, so there is even more reason to get the electrics checked.

Never touch or try to move a cable you find in your home which appears not to have a use, and do not attempt to carry out any tests or checks of your own. Instead act responsibly and call a qualified electrician. We supply everything required for high quality electrical work including cable, connectors, switches, sockets, lighting, distribution and conduit. Call us on 01695 720006

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