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redhA major concern for most people is how secure their home is, and what if somebody tries to break in while they are away. Burglar alarms give an amount of comfort, but there are problems with the standard type, like forgetting to switch it on, being activated by windy weather and ringing non stop while neighbours cover their ears with the bed sheets.

Home security is a must for all home-owners, especially those with busy lives, who need a system which can happily manage itself. Many people are choosing smart alarm systems, which keep them in control while away from the home at work or on holiday. Home alarm systems have really come into their own in the last few years, and can now do everything apart from making your dinner [although that’s probably coming!!]

Smart systems are an excellent option thanks to advanced technology, and allow you and other members of the family, to monitor your home from a distance using a mobile device or desktop. You will find the same components as traditional alarms like control panel, movement detectors, keypad, external siren and door contacts. The great thing about smart home security is that usually they are wireless run, so there is no need to lift carpets or drill holes in walls to put in cables etc, which can cause damage and inconvenience. Smart alarms also let you tailor your system to cover your needs, by purchasing additional items. This means that as well as the usual intruder protection features, you can receive alerts regarding the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide, CO2, gas, temperature info and flood detectors. You can have CCTV monitors fitted for security or to check on an elderly relative. These are available with two way voice monitors.

You have a world of choice with these smart systems including being notified when the kids get home from school, teenagers get home at night (or the early hours), and even if Grandma has not entered the kitchen by a certain time. Your smart alarm system will also tell you if it has been tampered with.

It seems the modern way of living with this smart technology makes life more secure and comfortable than ever.

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