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November 20, 2018
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November 20, 2018
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It was nice to see our sister site mentioned recently in an article in the digital version of The Blackpool Gazette, praising our efforts to satisfy customers. The team at Blackpool Electrical Traders always listen carefully to what our customers want and are frequently able to source even the most elusive or specialist electrical products at the right price. This has sometimes proved extremely difficult as we repeatedly tried to find certain kinds of quality lighting at the required price from traditional suppliers. Owner Robert Gamble prompted by customer feedback and requests, embarked on two fact-finding trips to the far east, in order to address this issue. The successful trips revealed around 20 new products suitable for launch under the banner of the Luxlite brand.

Robert stated that “Ten, maybe even just five, years ago; the idea of a small electrical wholesaler launching its own range of LED lighting would have been fantasy. But today, the internet makes the process much more straightforward. It means we can go anywhere in the world to make sure we get exactly the specifications in our products our customers demand.”

Robert also pointed out that a massive area of growth within the electrical market at the moment is energy saving lighting, which typically cuts electricity consumption by half. With modern advances in technology, this is achieved at the same time as providing an equal quality of light to standard forms of lighting.

We are delighted to have our hard work applauded in this publication and even happier to be able to give our customers a continued market-leading service. We have 20 years experience in the electrical wholesale business and employ 10 people. Offering a comprehensive range of products and services including LED, specialist, and standard lighting, underfloor heating, heating and ventilation, security and fire alarms, switches, sockets, switchgear, electric cabling, trunking, conduit, accessories and work wear is what we do best. We are happy to advise on any electrical problem, and our services include a lighting design service and voltage optimisation for domestic, commercial, office and industrial customers..

Blackpool Electrical Traders, are a Poulton based electrical wholesaler, and now one of only two suppliers in the UK – including sister business Skelmersdale Electrical Distributors Ltd – to stock the range which features LED flat panel, flood and strip lights.

Lighting Design & Voltage Optimisation Services for Domestic, Commercial, Office & Industrial

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