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November 20, 2018
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November 20, 2018
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The meteoric rise in the popularity of LED [Light Emitting Diode] lighting is no surprise when one takes into account the many advantages for home-owners, businesses and the environment. Large organisations the world over are investing in this form of illumination and benefiting from substantial savings. Manchester Airport, for instance, made a major commitment in 2009 to ensure that by 2015 it would be the first airport to achieve carbon neutral ground operations. A significant aspect of this undertaking is the implementation of LED lighting to terminals, departure and arrival lounges and car parks. This alternative to the existing means of illumination not only reduced energy consumption immediately by 80-90% but has enabled intelligent controllable lighting. The Manchester Airport project is due to be completed later in 2014, with terminals 1 and 3 now in the final stages of a £500,000 upgrade to their lighting control system, and terminal 2 having already been finished.

Stansted and East Midlands Airport, who are also owned by the Manchester Airports group, will soon receive new sustainable lighting schemes and control systems. Similar to Manchester airport, the system will link to the flight monitoring system and will prompt certain lighted areas to automatically activate when passenger arrival is imminent.

Leading high profile companies demand reliable, energy efficient, bright illumination, and LED lighting satisfies all of these requirements seamlessly. We are all aware how energy costs have risen steadily, so it is extremely fortunate that the price and performance of LED lighting has improved simultaneously. People and organisations who have installed LED lighting claim to have seen full returns of their initial outlay in less than one year.

Skelmersdale Electrical Distributors Ltd carry a comprehensive range of wholesale electrical products and LED lighting, including excellent brands like Luxlite, Ansel and Aurora. We would encourage customers to consider replacing their current incandescent lighting with a LED alternative where possible, which can result in noticeably reduced fuel bills. Other incredible advantages of LED lighting products include freedom from toxic chemicals, 100% recyclable, reduction of the homes carbon footprint, unaffected by outdoor weather conditions and a design friendly versatility. LED lighting products are truly the way forward to a sustainable future. We also offer a specialist lighting design service and voltage optimisation for large or small commercial premises.

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